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Introducing Tactikel NST

Tactikel NST is a highly advanced Nano Surface Treatment that is engineered to replace traditional petroleum based lubricants on firearms, knives, tools and machinery.

The application process is simple. The product is odorless and safe to apply to any surface, including metal, wood, plastic and rubber. Tactikel NST uses a "carrier fluid" to deliver proprietary particles that immediately bond with metal surfaces to form a permanent, invisible matrix that outperforms and outlasts traditional oils and CLPs.

Use Tactikel NST to simplify maintenance, extend product life and enhance performance on firearms, knives, fishing reels, and bikes. Perfect for all types of mechanical equipment with bearings, rollers, drive-chains, gears, locks, winches, shafts, sprocket housings, cables, tolls, conveyors, bolts, hinges, and cranks.


Tactikel NST revolutionizes cleaning and maintenance. This permanent, dry-film coating prevents dirt, debris and fouling from bonding with treated surfaces. It eliminates messy oils, greases and solvent cleaners. Any build-up is easy to remove with a clean microfiber cloth.

Lubricate and Protect

Tactikel NST prevents rust and resists abrasion, without messy oils and greases. Metal-on-metal contact is eliminated, which improves performance and extends the life of equipment. It also protects wood, plastic and rubber components. Excellent for long-term storage of firearms, collectables and antiques.

Extreme Performance

Tactikel NST is proven effective in extreme conditions, from dusty deserts to the arctic circle. It maintains performance from -58° to 1,382° F (-50° to 750° C). On firearms, accuracy is improved, muzzle velocity is increased and trigger weight is reduced. On bikes, "chain stretch" is reduced and power output is increased.

Trusted by the Best

"Tactikel NST is the most effective lubricant on the market... We apply it to every firearm we manufacture."

Andrew Brady

Lone Star Armory

Tactikel NST (Nano Surface Treatment)
Tactikel NST (Nano Surface Treatment)
Tactikel NST (Nano Surface Treatment)
Tactikel NST (Nano Surface Treatment)
Tactikel NST (Nano Surface Treatment)
Tactikel NST (Nano Surface Treatment)
Tactikel NST (Nano Surface Treatment)
Tactikel NST (Nano Surface Treatment)
Tactikel NST (Nano Surface Treatment)
Tactikel NST (Nano Surface Treatment)
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This advanced nanotech lubricant creates an invisible coating that outperforms oils, greases and CLPs. It contains hybrid ceramic particles that bond to metal, establishing a super-slick surface that improves performance and prevents corrosion. Treated surfaces reject dirt, debris and carbon fouling which makes cleaning and maintenance much easier. The super-durable coating performs in extreme conditions, including temps from -58° to 1,382° F (-50° to 750° C).

Safe, odorless and easy to apply, Tactikel NST is engineered to protect a wide range of surfaces, including firearms, knives, bicycles, power tools and industrial machinery.

10,000 Reasons Trevor Cotter Switched to Tactikel NST

"With one application [of Tactikel NST] I was able to go 3,000 rounds, and I'll probably just keep pushing it...That would have been 10 applications of the other lubricant and multiple cleaning sessions."

(After recording this interview, Trevor continued to push his pistol, firing a total of 18,500 rounds, without adding more lubricant or cleaning.)

How Does Tactikel Work?

Tactikel NST takes advantage of the unusual properties of nanoscale films to bring surface protection into the 21st Century. An extremely thin protective layer allows the properties of the underlying material to shine through, offering protection against corrosion, friction, and wear. By relying on the strongest kind of chemical bond, Tactikel NST is able to fully protect any compatible surface with a layer many times thinner than a human hair.

Metal Surface Cross Section Without Tactikel NST

The above image represents the smooth surface of a piece of metal, similar to a polished surface of a gun, tool, or oxide supporting surface.

With Tactikel NST

The above image illustrates the same "smooth" surface after coating applying Tactikel NST. The final result is a covalently bonded, nanocoated surface with a Coefficient of Friction of .063, that resists corrosion, abrasion, and almost all types of fouling.

Why Switch to Tactikel NST?

Dry Lube: Rejects Fouling + Contaminants

Protection: Rust + Corrosion + Abrasion Resistant

Optimal Performance: Long-lasting + Low Coefficient of Friction: 0.063

Extreme Reliability: Proven in Wet + Dry Environments; Functional in Temperatures from -50˙ to 1,370˙F

Simple Maintenance: Quick Wipe-n-Clean + No Need for Harsh Solvents

Non-Hazardous: No VOCs + No Strong Odors + Non-Flammable

Safe for Use: Compatible with Precious Metals + Plastics + Rubber Gaskets + Wood

Gunsmith's Secret

Tactikel NST is safe and easy to apply. Cleaning and maintenance is super simple. Gunsmiths love it.

Application Instructions

Learn how to apply Tactikel NST from the pros at Lone Star Armory

Application Instructions

1. Follow all safety procedures. For firearms and machinery consult user manual for specific lubrication/maintenance instructions.

2. Thoroughly clean and degrease all surfaces.

3. Vigorously shake the Tactikel NST bottle until the fluid has a uniform, milky appearance.

4. Apply a thin coat of Tactikel NST to all metal surfaces and wear points. (Treated surfaces should appear slightly damp, but not visibly wet.)

5. Allow Tactikel NST to cure for at least 2 hours. (Carrier liquid will evaporate while the coating bonds to the surface.)

6. Polish treated surfaces to remove excess carrier liquid. (Treated surfaces should be dry to the touch.)


Maintenance: Inspect and clean regularly. Remove debris and fouling with a clean, microfiber cloth or cotton patch. If necessary, use a mild solvent to remove stubborn build-up. (Solvent should not remove the Tactikel NST.) Depending on use conditions, extreme friction will eventually degrade the coating of Tactikel NST.

To restore peak performance, re-apply Tactikel NST, as needed.

NOTE: Tactikel NST is generally safe for use on precious metals, wood, plastic, composites and rubber. If staining is a concern, apply to a hidden test area prior to full application.

Keep out of reach of children. Wear gloves/eye protection. Keep away from mouth and eyes.


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