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Partikel, LLC is the exclusive distributor of nSTRATA ( products in the United States. We work closely with their leadership, engineering, and manufacturing teams to harness nano technology to solve big problems. Our fully commercialized products have an excellent record of success around the world. Now, Partikel is bringing these innovative new products to the United States market.

Our portfolio includes the following product lines:

  • Multi-functional Surface Coatings: Dozens of formulations designed to protect assets, equipment, and facilities from the harmful effects of corrosion and contamination. Treated surfaces resist staining and damage caused by water, oil and dirt. These coatings are available in industrial and consumer-friendly formulations.
  • Dry Film Lubricant/Anti-Corrosion Coatings: Branded in the US as Tactikel NST, our proprietary blend of hybrid nano particles form permanent bonds with metal surfaces to protect and lubricate guns, knives, tools and mechanical equipment where metal-to-metal friction and corrosion cause problems.
  • Rust Preventative: Water-based coating prevents corrosion of exposed metal surfaces during storage and transportation. This low-cost coating is water based, and it eliminates the need for temporary oils and waxes that cause problems during fabrication.
  • Fire-Retardant/Fire-Resistant Coatings: Water-based formulations that are designed to resist fire in architectural wood and textiles. Additional products can be applied to homes, businesses and vegetation to prevent the spread of wildfires in populated areas.
  • Industrial Degreasers: Non-toxic formulas that significantly out-perform traditional products, without harming the environment.
  • Remediation/Water Treatments: Multiple formulas that separate oil and other organic matter from water, neutralize dangerous H2S, kill harmful microbes and rapidly break down hydrocarbons in environmental remediation projects.

We are actively seeking retailers, distributors, and product applicators throughout the US. We also work directly with OEM partners to incorporate our products during the manufacturing process, and nSTRATA’s in-house R&D team can create custom formulations to meet specific project requirements.



Using innovative and proprietary technology platforms that translate to a product breadth and depth of over 500 hundred variants, nSTRATA™ offers a wide range of multi-functional nanotechnology surface coatings, functionalized micro-scale coating systems, polymer OEM additives and environmentally responsible specialty chemicals - all packaged for maximum sustainability and long-term stability. In addition to our existing industrial and retail formulations, nSTRATA’s technology platforms can be optimized to meet the needs of nearly any Industrial Retrofit or OEM Integration, with little to no alteration of the substrate’s appearance.

Customization options include the modification of surface structure, chemical composition, morphology and/or functional properties such as antibacterial, antimicrobial, anti-corrosion, flame resistant/suppressant, conductivity levels, UV/IR reflectivity, anti-static and/or to withstand increased levels of thermal exposure, mechanical abrasion, and chemical resistance.

nSTRATA™ products are manufactured on an industrial-scale and according to the highest market standards, while all finished goods are quality controlled via a third-party microbiology laboratory, where samples of every batch are stored for one to five years depending on the variant and project specifications.

Tactikel NST

Tactikel NST is a highly advanced Nano Surface Treatment that is engineered to replace traditional petroleum based lubricants on firearms, knives, tools and machinery.

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